The Hand-E™ Instructional Guide

Our efforts to keep our customers informed and educated about the proper use of our products has brought us to these pages. An in depth look at the usage of the new Hand-E™ short term hand hold device. Click on the images for a larger view.

Hand-E hand hold device Hand-E hand hold device
Slide Hand-E™ onto the center backboard strap with the clip, toward the patient's feet and the slot toward the patient's head. This prevents the device from sliding up during transport.



Hand-E hand hold device Hand-E hand hold device
Place both of the patient's hands (palms toward the patient's head) in the wrist slots as illustrated.
Hand-E hand hold device Hand-E hand hold device
Select the appropriate notch on the Hand-E™ based upon your patient's wrist diameter. Notches allow for a variety of wrist sizes from young children to adults.

The Hand-E™ short-term hand holder has been designed for temporary use on unresponsive patients as a means of securing the arms for patient handling and transport. Do not use the device to attempt restraint of combative patients. As with any patient packaging device (like splints and backboards), it is imperative that circulation distal to the device is not impaired, and that the device is not left in place for prolonged periods of time, promoting pressure necrosis. It is the user's responsibility to ensure that the device is used properly, in accordance with the instructions set forth here. It is also the user's responsibility to continuously monitor patient response to the device and remove it if distal circulation becomes impaired, or if signs of pressure sores are noted.

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