O.R.V. - EP-705 (Red)

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EP+R Extrication - Optimum Rescue Vest

Includes Carry Case EP-703 EP+R Extrication - Optimum Rescue Vest Bag



Optimum Rescue Vest (O.R.V.)

A time-proven versatile design, improved means of immobilizing and extricating patients from auto accidents or confined spaces. The wrap-around design provides horizontal flexibility for easy application and vertical rigidity for maximum support of the spine, neck and head during extraction. The O.R.V Vest immobilizes the torso, head and neck, enabling a prompt extrication while minimizing the risks of further injury.


Product Numbers

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EP-705                  O.R.V. Vest - Red

EP-706                  O.R.V. Vest - Black

EP-717                  O.R.V. Vest - Green


Replacement Parts

EP-700                  Head & Chin Straps

EP-701                  Ret. Folding Pad - Red

EP-702                  Ret. Folding Pad - Black

EP-703                  O.R.V. Carrying Case - Red

EP-704                  O.R.V. Carrying Case – Black

EP-718                  Ret. Folding Pad - Green

EP-719                  O.R.V. Carrying Case - Green


EP+R Extrication - Optimum Rescue Vest Head Straps
EP+R Extrication - Optimum Rescue Vest Pillow


EP+R Extrication - Optimum Rescue Vest Pillow
EP+R Extrication - Optimum Rescue Vest Pillow

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