EP-510 Spider-Clip™
Immobilization Strap with Speed Clip System



EP-520 Spider-Clip™ Carry Bag

Spider-Clip™ Bag


Keeping with tradition, Emergency Products + Research has once again improved upon a known industry standard. This time, our own Spider-Strap™.

Introducing its direct descendant, the Non-Velcro Spider-Clip™ Immobilization Strap. This new immobilization system offers several key benefits that have been implemented from listening the providers in the field. You.


Features and Benefits

• Easy clip in application on all pinned boards
• Designed to be left on board for rapid application
• Large clip opening to accommodate all size pins

• Easily replaced straps if damaged


Product Number

EP-510                     Spider-Clip™ Immobilization                                 Strap with Speed Clip System

                                (Carry bag included)


Replacement Parts

EP-516                      Red Strap

EP-517                      Yellow Strap

EP-518                      Green Strap

EP-519                      Blue Strap

EP-520                      Carry Bag

EP-521                      Center Black Strap

EP-522                      Shoulder Pads



EP+R Help Also available as Spider-Loop™ (with Loop-Lock System) . Click here for more information.


EP+R Help Click here for the Spider-Clip™ manual!




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