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EP-96 The Rescu-Air™ Air Filled Child Transport Seat
EP-96 The Rescu-Air™ Air Filled Child Transport Seat
(Shown on cot using Cot Harness System)
EP-70 The Responder-AV™ Air Filled Child Transport Seat
(Shown in ambulance captain's chair using conventional belt pathway)
EP-70 The Responder-AV™ Air Filled Child Transport Seat
(Close up of included 120 volt DC air pump)
EP-70 The Responder-AV™ Air Filled Child Transport Seat, inflatable car seat
(Close up of included inflation hose.)

The Rescu-Air™
Air Filled Child Transport Seat

The revolutionary Rescu-Air™ Air Filled Child Restraint Seat incorporates several key improvements over its predecessor. Such as the Cot Harness System, enabling safe and secure anchoring of the seat front and back.
As well as the new release valve, ensuring proper inflation and PSI regardless of aospheric conditions.

The Rescu-Air™ was designed for ambulances and has been used by emergency medical technicians for over 12 years. Our air filled child restraint seats are unsurpassed for safety, rapid deployment, quick installation, and convenient storage.


Features and Benefits
  • Rated for children 20-40 lbs. (less than 40 inches tall).
  • Adjustable shoulder harness for small and large children.  
  • One piece power coated steel frame that incorporates the “Quick Lock” strap tabs for fast and secure strapping
  • Chest harness with left and right pelvic adjusent.   
  • Specially designed inflation valve system that incorporates a “blow off” valve.  Valve opens at 5 psi to vent to 3.5 psi working pressure.  This ensures proper working pressure regardless of temperature or elevation changes.   
  • Secures to Captain’s Chair using the Frame-Loop system.
  • Heavy duty cot anchoring system built into lower cushion.  This enables the rescuer to mount seat to any cot currently on the market.  Cot anchoring system (EP-75) consists of three straps.  These straps are color coded making for easy identification and placement.
  • Rapid deployment and storage.  Rescu-Air inflates and deflates in 60 seconds.  Stores in a convenient 21”x14”x6” padded carry bag with air pump and inflation hose.
  • Light weight.  Rescu-Air weighs 12 lbs. with carry bag, air pump and inflation hose.
  • Inflates and deflates with a 12 volt DC pump that fits in to any on-board power supply.
  • Made from durable 420 denier tri-laminated nylon.
  • Quick removal of Power Coated steel frame enables easy cleaning.  Hand wash and air dry.  Guaranteed rust free for life.
  • Each frame is cut from a single steel plate using the “water-jet” method to ensure strength and continuity.  *Made in the USA!*
  • All harnesses and straps are manufactured by a nationally known supplier to the car seat industry.  *Made in the USA!*
  • Valve system designed by the same manufacturer that supplies valves for every rescue vest you have seen demonstrated by flight attendants each time you fly.  *Made in the USA!* 
  • Testing Criteria:  As you may know there are no Federal Safety Standards for child car seat restraints for ambulances.  Although the Captain’s Chair and cot face the rear of the vehicle, the Rescu-Air is a FORWARD facing seat.  Emergency Products + has tested to the only Federal Safety Standards in place at this time.  These standards are for passenger cars and light trucks from manufactured since September 2004 (FORWARD facing only):  FMVSS-213 (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard), CAMSS-213 (Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standard), and FMVSS-213, S8.2, S8.2.5, S8.2.6 (FAA Aircraft Inversion). Videos available here!
  • All test criteria and warnings are printed on the back of every seat.
  • DOT serial numbers are imprinted on every seat (should a recall be required).
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Product Numbers
EP-96    Rescu-Air™ Air Filled Child Restraint Seat


Replacement Parts
EP-52    Carry Bag
EP-65 Main Harness
EP-72    Air Pump
EP-73 Inflation Hose
EP-75  Cot Harness System


EP-74    AC/DC Converter for power supply versatility

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