WCI-191 Improved Traction Device
w/ Tactical Carry Case - Black

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The Application Instructions

1. Verify contents. Included you will find: 1 padded ankle hitch with quick connect stirrup. 1 thigh system with groin pad and pole receptacle. 1 traction pole with attached elasticized knee strap. 1 elasticized thigh strap. 1 elasticized lower leg strap.

3.Unbuckle the stirrup.

5.Secure the ankle hitch around the lower leg, superior to the ankle prominence. This should be snug, but should not impede distal CMS.

7.Eliminate any slack in the stirrup by pulling on the green tab.

9.Engage buckle, listening for a click.

11.Thigh system complete. Note location of pole receptacle.

13.Size traction pole. Place pole alongside the leg, with the anchor end extending 8", or 20 cm, past the foot (one pole section). At the thigh strap end, note the pole joint that is nearest to the pole receptacle and fold the pole back on itself. If the pole is too short, try the next higher joint, to keep at least 8" past the foot.

15.Secure the traction pole to the knee using the attached elasticized strap.

17.Apply traction by pulling the red tab. For smoother operation, feed the strapping through with one hand while pulling the red tab with the other. Recommended traction is achieved at approximately 10% of patient's body weight, to a maximum of 15 pounds of force. Patient comfort and limb straightening will be your guide to correct tensioning.

19.Completed application. As with any splint, monitor distal CMS and adjust splint as necessary. Complete patient packaging by securing to long spine board.

2.Verify the presence or absence of distal CMS prior to application of the ITD.

4.Slide the ankle hitch through the void beneath the ankle, as shown.

6.Reconnect the stirrup buckle.

8.Apply upper thigh system. Feed the male end of the strap buckle through the void beneath the knee. Using a see-saw motion, work the strap towards the groin, and position the thigh pad as shown.

10.Tighten the thigh system while positioning the pole receptacle. The pole receptacle should be positioned high along the lateral hip, near the belt line. Consider the location of the male genitals prior to tightening, and adjust as necessary.

12.Erect traction pole. Allow each section to insert fully into the next.

14.Seat the traction pole into the receptacle.

16.Attach yellow loop of ankle hitch to anchor point, as shown.

18.Apply elasticized leg straps. As before, feed the thigh strap and lower leg strap beneath the knee. Achieve correct position by using a see-saw action to move the straps into place. Secure straps as shown.

20.Contents returned to zippered storage bag.

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