Function Meets Form

• Optimized for confined space use.

• Remains within the profile of the body, which does not require extension beyond the foot.

• Ideal for tight quarters associated medical craft (Rotor Wing or Fixed Wing) tactical Ambulances.

• Unique design allows for distal or proximal application to treat femoral or humeral fractures.

• Can be utilized above the knee with the following injuries: below the knee amputations, distal leg fractures, as well as to prevent exacerbation of ligament damage of the knee.

• Semi disposable design complements infection control and also promotes cost effectiveness.

• Can be used effectively on adults or pediatric patients.

• Proudly manufactured in the U.S.A.

EP-822 Single MTS

EP-823 Single
Restocking kit
W/O Pole

EP-824 Bilateral MTS

EP-825 Bilateral
Restocking Kit
W/O Pole

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Weight: 9oz (255.146 grams)
Contaminate Free Vacuum Package Dimensions:
10 1/2" x 3/4" x 4 1/4"
(266.7mm x 19.05mm x 107.95mm)

Poles: Wound Epoxy-Fiberglass
Straps: Nylon/Polypropylene

FDA Registered
CE Registered
Berry Amendment Compliant
GSA Compliant

X-Ray/CT Scan Translucent

5 years

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