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We are a leading manufacturer of industry standard spine boards, immobilization devices, and extrication products.
With decades of combined hands on experience as practitioners in the emergency response field, we know first-hand what products you need to bring the best care to your patients.

We work directly with numerous experienced pre-hospital care providers such as EMTs, Paramedics, Firefighters and Military Medical Technicians to design products that exceed your expectations. Everything we manufacture is purpose driven –
to provide you, the practitioner, with the tools you need to deliver the best care to your patients.

After all, when it’s 2am on the side of a dark road and your patient is screaming, you can’t afford to use anything but the best tools available.
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Our Commitment

At Emergency Products + Research™, we pride ourselves on manufacturing products that fill a particular void in the market place.

All our products are tested in real life situations to guarantee their performance.

Through our association with WaterCrest Industries, LLC, who are staffed by active EMT's, Fire Rescue, Paramedics and Flight Paramedics personnel, we have the ability to know first hand what our customers need to bring the right kind of care to their patients and the right products to reach that end.

We are constantly looking for ways to make your job easier and safer.

We thank you all for your commitment in your chosen professions, whether a local EMT just starting out or a seasoned military medical personnel, and pledge to always offer you the products you need when you require them.

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Our leadership

Jim Doherty / C.E.O.

email: jimD@epandr.com

Jerry Ramsey / President.

email: jerryR@epandr.com

Mark Mohler / Customer Relations Manager.

email: markM@epandr.com
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